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we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy, now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at this is fox 5 news at 10:00. another run on of misery for hurricane ravaged areas courtesy of a nasty nor easter. >> plus a teenager attacked inside apublic library bathroom, how that happened and the clues that could lead
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police to the? >> and our election wrapup including congress' unfinished business and the future of the republican party following president obama's reelection. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. we begin with the nor'easter that just brought rain to parts of our area, but up north it's getting nasty. >> that's right. we're talking about snow, strong winds in areas still recovering from hurricane sandy. let's get to sue palka in the weather center. >> let me show you what we are missing out on. the pictures behind us is d.c. united trying to get the field cleared in harrison, new jersey, where they were going to take on the new york red bulls and had to cancel that game. a lot of fans were up there. they had 2 inches of snow in that area, but it's very heavy and wet and it's still blowing and that is what we don't have to deal with tonight. let me take you to radar. we'll touch on the nor'easter in a moment. what we've had locally is sort of one of the westward bands of our nor'easter and what we have
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out there is mostly light, occasionally moderate rain. hey, from time to time maybe a little wet snowflake can mix in, but we're in our last few hours of seeing this precipitation and i think it will be gone by morning. we'll take you over to composite radar. it will look like there's a lot more going on here. we are just getting again east of 95 light to moderate rain showers are occasionally a little snow mixing in. if it's vigorous enough it, could dust the ground. that's the worst it will get for us, but there is the snow, the misery they didn't need, record setting snow in central park, 2.8 inches, atlantic city 2.3, bridgeport, connecticut 3.5 and yes, it's windy and cold up there. the winds haven't been as bad as they could be, but if you combine 40-mile an hour winds gusting with 2 1/2 inches of snow, it's hard to see and real cold. we are 42 degrees. new york is 32, definitely cold. winds not too bad here. we have a couple spots gusting to 25 on the eastern shore, but
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as we look to the north and east, the nor'easter still producing gusts close to 40. it could have been worse, but it slipper has added more misery on top -- certainly has added more misery on top of the open wound sandy has inflicted on them. we see a pattern change coming after this very cold night. meantime the storm has people in new york and new jersey still dealing with the superstorm sandy and they're on high alert tonight. the wintery mix is already coming down. fox's david lee miller has the latest now from long beach, new york. >> reporter: by midafternoon the wind had picked up and the rain along portions of the coast had turned to snow. work crews on new york's long beach still trying to clean up after last week's megastorm say the nor'easter has made their job more difficult. >> a lot more difficult. the sand is getting heavier. the guys that are working outside, it's cold and difficult to work. they're getting wet, not enough ponchos, bags. we could use a little bit of help. >> reporter: the storm moving
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its way up the atlantic coast is expected to bring rain and wet snow to new jersey and new york. more than half a million people are still without power following last week's storm. now there is fear that number will rise. new york mayor michael bloomberg warned those without power to be cautious how they heat their homes. >> if you remain in your homes, please do not use gas ranges or ovens to stay warm. that is not only a serious fire hazard. the fumes can kill you. >> reporter: work crews in new jersey have tried to rebuild damaged sand dues to prepare for the storm. federal official -- dunes to prepare for the storm. federal officials are helping thousands left homeless by the first storm, but there are still those who refuse to be evacuated. >> i don't think there's any more fear here. this is this. i'm getting anxiety walking around seeing what i'm going to do and other people, too. i feel bad for other people. it's just crazy. you know, i don't know what to
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do anymore. i couldn't want to live in long beach. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie says when told by forecasters about the second storm he wondered what's next, locusts or pestilence. victims of the two storms say the impact has seemed biblical. in long beach, new york, david lee miller, fox news. fairfax county police are looking for the suspect who assaulted a young girl in a highly unusual place. of, the public library in arlington. -- place, the public library in arlington. it happened at 9:00 last night as the staff was preparing to close the public library for the day. fox 5's audrey barnes with the latest. >> the victim is 17 years old, the assault happening in the library bathroom. police say she put up a fight and the staff got to her quickly. now detectives need your help to find the guy. investigators say the 17-year- old girl had been at the thomas jefferson library for most of the day studying and she told police a man who was also there made her feel very uneasy.
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>> someone had been watching her. she felt very uncomfortable the way he was looking at her, almost glaring at her. >> reporter: on her way out of the library the teenager told police the man followed her. so she ducked into the women's bathroom instead of going into the parking lot alone. >> this person followed her into the bathroom. he then grabbed her and assaulted her. she did fight back and she screamed and then he fled. >> reporter: library employees heard the girl scream when the man touched and pushed her, then called police as he fled. anna villa gomez who had been studying all day, too said she is sometimes worried about being in the parking lot at night but never imagined something like this happening inside the library. >> usually it's really safe here. so i was really surprised to see something like that happen, but there's always some type of people that you kind of do have to watch out for occasionally. >> reporter: emily polasios left the library minutes before the attack. >> i've never seen anything
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like that happen. it really surprised notice hear that. >> reporter: you going to do anything differently now that you've heard about this? >> probably not go to the bathroom or just make sure that i have my cell phone on me or something. >> reporter: police say library employees have seen the man there before but never had any trouble from him. they're hope someone who recognizes his description will give detectives a call. >> this person was between 5' 7 and 5 danny. he was african american. -- 5' 10. he was african american. had he a shaved bald head, a gap in his front tooth and a diagonal scar on his forehead. >> reporter: patrons are urged to be on alert inside and outside the building. >> definitely watch as i leave more and not park the car as far as i sometimes do. >> reporter: at the time of the attack the suspect was wearing a pale green long sleeve button up shirt and khaki pants carrying a tan soft leather briefcase. if he sounds familiar, fairfax county police want to hear from you.
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now that this election is over, it's time to get back to business in washington. both republicans and democrats are promising cooperation to avoid a fiscal cliff that could risk thousands of jobs and plunge the debt crisis deeper. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: as election night drew to a close wednesday morning, there were immediate calls of cooperation from both the victorious president -- >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> reporter: and the defeated mitt romney. >> and we looked at democrats and republicans in government at all levels to put the people before the politics. >> reporter: but when congress hit the campaign trail, it left unfinished business on the table. if democrats and republicans can't agree, the country could fall over a so-called fiscal cliff. it would trigger tax hikes and spending cuts totaling over 600
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to $800 billion next year. democrats say the election is over and so should the stalemate. >> i'm going to do everything within my power to be as conciliatory as possible. i want to work together, but i want everyone to also understand you can't push us around. >> reporter: republicans warning just 53 days automatic sequestration defense cuts could lay off thousands of industry workers, many in northern virginia. the gop has blocked president obama's campaign promise to raise taxes on wealthier americans. house speaker john boehner says old differences should not block new compromise. >> if there's a mandate in yesterday's results, it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation and my message today is not one of confrontation, but one of conviction. >> reporter: but the big
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question facing capitol hill now is if the president's reelection victory gives him new leverage with congress or if the same old tug of war remains. while the president talked a lot on the campaign trail about raising taxes on the wealthy, this fiscal cliff could affect americans on all income levels from the unemployed who could risk losing benefits to working americans who could see a possible rise in payroll taxes. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us tonight. thanks for being here, mark. >> good to be here, shawn. >> let's talk about what's next for the republican party. this was a devastating loss for the right. they clearly have their work cut out for them. where do they go from here? >> they definitely have to realize that they have to be more inclusive. the latino population, they lost by 45 to 50 points. that group feels very disrespected and very put upon
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and very much excluded. so i think you're going to see the republican party not talk about self-deportation. i saw a latino leader saying that mitt romney self-deported himself from the white house. also they have to seem to be -- it seems to me, more cooperative and collaborative and try to find middle ground or common ground rather than be viewed as strident and adversarial. >> we certainly heard that tone today from john boehner. i want to go back to something you mentioned first off. i found this very interesting. answer after i read this to you how you think this will play out or what the reps need to do. mitt romney received more than 60% of the white vote in the election, the same as george h.w. bush did who won with more than 300 electoral vote, but romney well short of that did not win. what does this mean to the gop as we're starting to see the
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map change, more diversity here in the united states? >> well, absolutely. lindsey graham, the republican senator from south carolina said his own party is doomed unless they realize that they just can't be a constituency of white males. 20 years ago the electorate, the turnout, was 90% white. it's now 74% and hispanics and african americans and asians have gravitated almost 90 or 80% to the democratic party and so politics is addition. it's not subtraction and it seems to me that if the rep party presents itself as a country club and doesn't allow everybody in, their political future is doomed. >> the other thing that seemed to doom the gop this time around were the social issues, women's rights to marriage equality. do you think they need to lean more to the middle? >> well, i would think that they don't want to talk about those issues and they have to
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realize that we're in 2012. we're not in 1956 and it is not ozzie and harriet and there are different formations of families and if they are as eliminating people or not allowing people to come in, it is definitely going to hurt their potential. two years ago they won because the actual turnout was so much lower than it was in the presidential election. these swing states, shawn, very well might not be considered swing states. they might be considered democratic states from now on. >> we'll see how the map changes over the years. thanks so much. voters in maryland gave the go ahead to a casino that will likely land on the shores of the potomac. coming up next reaction from local leaders and when you'll finally be able to gamble in prince george's county. >> later are you not getting enough shut eye? the key to a good night's rest may be more than just the right mattress or medication. a sleep doctor's take in a fox 5 consumer's report is that some voters in virginia still
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mad about those lines. now election officials are considering changes, details on the news edge at 11:00. @
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virginia is report an amazing at of turnout. 76% of reg -- amazing turnout. 76% of registered voters attended. >> it was an exciting night last night nationally and here in virginia and i thought i would share with you a little bit about what my priorities are going to be beginning today. >> democrat tim kaine greeting reporters the day after virginians elected the former governor senator in what was traditionally a solid red state. both u.s. senators from virginia will again be democrats. >> if anybody had the sense after 2008 that virginia going blue was a fluke, last night demonstrated that it's the. we are a true battleground -- it's not. we are a true battleground state. >> kaine says virginia should
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now be considered a purple state where republican george allen lost in what was predicted and turned out to be a close and costly race, $82 million spent resulting in allen's second statewide defeat in six years. >> after a very hard fought contest we were reminded how closely divided we are in virginia politically. >> virginia's republican governor says he's disappointed george allen and mitt romney lost the virginia vote tuesday, but bob mcdonnell points out republicans won eight of 11 seats in the u.s. house of representatives. >> just like within a party or within a state you're going to have very divergent opinions. so what i would say is that the elections in virginia like most state are controlled by about 30% of the people who are independent. they don't vote party. they vote person. they vote issue and they vote on what's best for them and their families at their kitchen table. >> voters across this politically divided nation kept the balance of power the same.
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democrats control the senate. republicans control the house, but tim kaine says that doesn't mean they want another do nothing congress. >> if we listen to the voices of the electorate, they are telling us over and over and over again they want us to work together. >> and senator kaine will get that opportunity come january. in richmond, bob barnard, fox 5 news. the d.c. council will have a brand-new at large member. david grasso defeated incumbent michael brown. grasso talked with us earlier this afternoon and talked about regaining the confidence of the public. >> i think the more that the public themselves step up and get engaged the less kind of issues we're going to have around ethics. it's important for them to play a part in every single part of the government. >> he hopes the new amendments passed by d.c. voters allowing the council to expel a member
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for misconduct will not have to be used. tonight the state of maryland is a step closer to another big casino, this one most likely on the shores of the potomac and prince george's county. fox 5's beth parker has a closer look at what this means. >> reporter: question 7 led to the most expensive political advertising campaign in the history of the state of maryland now that voters have approved it. a casino will rise here on this sight at national harbor. at least that's the most likely scenario. county executive rushern baker stands firmly behind that plan. >> i made it very clear from the very beginning that i think the best site in the state is national harbor. i think it offers the state and prince george's county the chance to build a high end destination resort that is not just about slot machines and table games, but about economic development. >> reporter: baker joined montgomery county's ike leggett saying this passed because of a
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statewide perspective. maryland voter approved this by a margin of 52-48%. it passed despite an aggressive opponent, penn national, a casino owner worried about competition. >> certainly fighting back against the negative campaign that was out there couldn't have taken place without a concerted effort in montgomery county and in howard county to help us push this over the line. >> i found it to be an absurd amount of money that was spent by a casino company to convince marylanders that what is good enough for west virginia is somehow not good enough for maryland. >> reporter: penn national may still push for a site in prince george's county that it already owns, rosecroft raceway. baker says a proposed mgm national harbor casino could bring in another $200 million a year to the state, 40 million of it in prince george's county. >> this money is committed to going toward education. the money will go toward education.
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the county executive would not have signed on if that was not the case. >> reporter: now this $800 million casino that mgm is planning cannot open until 2016. at national harbor, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we reached out to penn national today. no one returned our calls. site selection will be handled by the state of maryland. maryland voters also approved ballot question 4 known as the dream act allowing illegal immigrants to pay in- state tuition if they meet certain conditions. the controversial measure won with 59% of voters' support to get in-state tuition in maryland. illegal immigrants must complete a list of requirements that include attending a state high school for three years and showing they or their parents filed state income tax returns during that time. maryland voters also approved same sex marriage. coming up we'll meet a couple that's been together for decades and has the chance now to tie the knot. >> also renewed effort to find the man dubbed the serial
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fondler after yet another attack.
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in an alarming series of assaults in fairfax counties investigators think the same man may be responsible. each time he fonds his victims and then -- fondles his victims and then takes off. fox 5's will thomas with the sketch and connections. >> police want you to get close to the tv and take a good look at this image. a guy fitting this description has fondled nine women in fairfax county and these are just the nine reported cases. the latest assault just made public today by fairfax county police and in in latest case the woman says -- in this latest case the woman said she was attacked here on hibbling avenue in springfield last thursday, the 6000 block. it's the same day another woman reported a similar attack. >> apparently the suspect comes
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up from behind quietly, then grabs the victim, touches them and the person typically is taken completely by surprise and then he runs away. >> the ninth case was not reported to police, at least not at first. the victim didn't know about the other assaults and police say she didn't know how to report it because of a language barrier. spanish is her first language. let me show you the composite sketch one more time tonight. the description is vague, but given this sketch and the fact that the assaults are isolated according to police to the springfield area, police want you to know he is described as hispanic, medium build, black hair and often wears a red ball cap. call fairfax county police. investigators are also getting this sketch out to spanish speaking audiences. they want to get this guy before he does it again. coming up next in a fox 5 consumer report, do you toss and turn night after night? a simple bedding change could
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be the answer to a good night's rest. pillow talk from a sleep doctor is next. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. how many pillows does it take for you to get comfortable? what kind of pillow do you sleep on? in our 24/7 society with sleep so hard to come by, it's not just your mattress that your pillow may hold the key to a sound sleep. laura evans joins us now for a little pillow talk. >> sleep is a big deal. a lack of sleep can be bad news for your health it. affects your judgment, mood, productivity and i hear from friends so often they're unhappy with their pillow. i've had my own struggles with my pillow and with so many options out there it's enough to leave your head spinning. so how do you choose the right pillow? we went in search of answers.
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buckwheat, memory foam, sound pillow, magnetic therapy, swedish memory, cloud pillow. there is a pillow to suit every ailment, every head position, every body type. they cost anywhere from $10 to $300. bob wo let suffers from sleep apnea, migraines plus neck and back pain. he's spent many thousands dollars and many years searching for a good pillow. >> if it's not a good pillow, it put my neck in the wrong direction. >> reporter: kathleen hegman is in the same boat. >> i of getting headaches. >> reporter: foam is her friend, but it's a challenge finding the right foam for her. >> after two or three years the support was gone. >> i think it should be on your radar screen if you know you don't like your pillow. >> reporter: dr. helene ansellum is director for the center of sleep and wake
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disorders in chevy chase. i asked if there was a science to picking the right pillow. >> there isn't a huge amount of data about that from a scientific perspective, but we do know that comfort is a huge issue. we want to be comfortable at night. you want to have a bed environment that's appealing to you and that leaves you feeling comfortable and that's a very individual experience. >> reporter: the problem is she says you don't know what you don't like until you've tried it and trial and error when it comes to pillows can be costly. market research shows nearly 60% of americans experience symptoms of insomnia or sleep disorders. companies across america are trying to sell us a perfect night's sleep with pills, premium mattresses, hi-tech pillows, white noise machines, aroma therapy, fast become a $24 billion a year industry. >> when you feel it, touch it, you just want to lay on it. >> reporter: forget the down feather pillows. one hotel in d.c. we found has a pillow menu.
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the liaison on capitol hill, six of them on the menu. >> definitely there's a science behind the comfort. this is like no. 1. it's very comfortable. it has a million and one air beads in it. >> reporter: the front desk manager says their guests love the menu. >> first of all, create comfort for them and just another level of couple customization. >> reporter: i think it's a great idea. if you're thinking about a more expensive pillow, combine it with a vacation and try one on one night and one another night. >> reporter: we decided to put three of the most popular to the test. we tried the magnetic therapy which costs $80 in stores, the swedish memory which can run up to 90 and the cloud pillow which we found at cvs for 19.99. kathleen said she found the magnetic pillow too big and bulky, not enough neck support. like the swedish memory pillow,
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thought it more comfortable but a bit too high for a correct alignment of my head and neck. i like the cloud pillow the mostful its height was perfect for my -- most. its height of perfect for my head and neck alignment and the contoured shape that provided room for my shoulder when i was on my side. i may actually be willing to buy this pillow especially since it's affordable and bob's pillow. he says the magnetic pillow initially caused a strange feeling in my mouths. it was comfortable. i slept on it two nights but went back to my custom pillow. i would tuesday in a hotel mainly due -- use it in a hotel mainly due to the support. the swedish pillow i woke up with neck pain leading to a mild headache. the cloud pillow didn't provide enough support. bob found the most comfort through custom chiropractic pillows he had made at 150 bucks a pop. >> i never knew what a good night's sleep was until i had,
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well, i guess the decent pillow. it was like i was a new person. >> i don't know that a lot of money guarantees you comfort. i think you really have to find out what it is that is makingdown comfortable. >> reporter: it just may be -- making you uncomfortable. >> reporter: it just may be something as simple as a pillow could be a key to a better night's rest and ultimately better health. the doctor says also consider how you sleep it. could indicate other health problems. too many pillows could signal sleep apnea, even congestive heart failure. if you always feel the need to raise your head it, could be acid reflux. i've had my own search for pillows. i get headaches. i recently found a cervical traction pillow i love. i heard from a viewer hospital grade pillows have changed her life. it's all personal preference, shawn. >> i've been taking notes, not sure which one i'm going to try yet, but i'm going to try some of them. thanks, laura.
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>> good luck. coming up next a toddler landed his mother a $2,500 fine. >> plus some same sex marriage, the issue, got the thumbs up in maryland. we'll hear from a couple who waited for decades for a chance to tie the knot. after the voting the selling, invests taking cover and dumping stocks wednesday as the focus turns from the election back to a weak global economy and fixing this fiscal cliff descending on us. meantime sandy is taking its toll on the economy still. mortgage applications falling last week even with rates well below 4%. the super storm put a hold on potential homebuyers all along the eastern coast. airlines aren't taking any chances after sandy. they're already cancelling hundreds of flights because of that nor'easter that's dumping rain and snow across the entire eastern region just like last week when sandy grounded more than 20,000 flights. airlines waiting the usual re-- waiving the usual rescheduling fees that can run as much as
10:38 pm
150 bucks. meanwhile shoppers are not pulling out plastic, credit card borrowing down nearly 3 billion bucks in september. consumers still clearly worried about taking on high interest debt as the economy keeps slowing down. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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the man who made that controversial anti-muslim film will do a year in prison. mark basseley youssef was convicted on a probation violation. he'd been convicted of bank fraud in 2010. he'd admitted to several violations including getting a fake driver's license. none of those violations are associated with the film which touched off international furry. an -- fury. an oklahoma mom will not have to pay a hefty fine
10:42 pm
because her 3-year-old son went potty in the front yard. an officer gave her a $2,500 ticket after her toddler pulled down the pants and urinated. the police chief has since issued an apology to the family. >> there are other ways to resolve issues like that. >> is it an embarrassment to the city of piedmont? absolutely. do i still support our police officers and our police force? absolutely. but not this. >> the police department and mayor say the ticket was thrown out and the matter will be addressed with the ticketing officer. tonight on the news edge looking ahead to a second term, president obama says he will work with republicans and he may have to start right away, the first items on his new to do list coming up plus. >> 47% of americans pay no income tax. >> two big questions for the republican party tonight, what went wrong and where to go from here? this story at 11:00.
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a maryland couple together for nearly three decades will finally be able to tie the knot thanks to maryland voters approving same sex marriage. fox 5's matt ackland sat down with the couple today. >> and that's carried for all 29 years. >> reporter: holding hands still very much in love, it was 1983 when theresa williams and jo doutcsh began their relationship after moving to washington. did i hear 29 years? >> 29 1/2 now. >> reporter: since then they've raised three children. two are now in college. >> two of the boys voted in this election, one of them for the first time. >> reporter: it's a safe bet their sons voted in favor of same sex marriage. it's something their moms have wanted but have been unable to do in the state they call home. >> we have lived in maryland almost 30 years. this is our home. this is where we have created our family here in maryland and this is where we wanted to get married. >> reporter: it wasn't easy convincing a majority of
10:47 pm
marylanders to vote in favor of same sex marriage. there was a lot of opposition. >> it's been a very long time coming. >> reporter: maryland delegate heather lazeer says efforts were made to include everyone in the discussion. >> we crossed party lines, all faiths, traditions, races, creeds. we had supporters at every single level behind us. >> reporter: theresa and jo admit it feels a bit odd planning the wedding after spending most of their lives together. >> who is going to be the flower girls, who can be the photographer, who is going to officiate. i mean that is just something i don't think either one of us ever thought was going to be a possibility for us. >> i never expected it. >> reporter: never expecting it but thanks to their fellow marylanders it's a dream that is finally coming true. >> it didn't seem real until yesterday. >> until last night. >> this morning or whatever it was real. i mean it didn't seem real until it was. >> reporter: theresa and jo had been thinking about a big celebration on their 30th
10:48 pm
anniversary next year. now they think that will be the perfect time for a wedding. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. voters can't wait to toast to their election win. the town of damascus overwhelmly voted to lift a decades old alcohol ban. certain restaurants can now serve beer and wine. opponents are worried the move will lead to more expansive alcohol sales from bars and carry-out liquor stores. tores. these pictures coming out of new york, new jersey are unbelievable. you can feel how miserable it is up there. >> you can really feel their pain, hear the exasperation and defeat in their voices. we knew this was going to be difficult and it's still not as bad as it could have been, but just got an update. now central park is up to 4 inches of snow. what we're showing you here was in harrison, new jersey, where d.c. united and 700 fans went up to see a soccer game tonight. the eastern conference semifinal with the new york red
10:49 pm
bulls and there was so much snow on the field and it was coming down so hard and so windy they had to cancel the game. newark, which is very close to harrison, reported 2 inches. i bit it's closer to 3 or 4 now. many areas up through connecticut seeing heavy snow. i've seen a couple 10-inch amounts, but in general this will probably be closer for most people to a 3 to say 4 or 5-inch snowfall. here it is and you can see what's been going on. we got lucky on this one. yes, there's a bit of rain coming in and d.c. reported sleet at 10:00. so a little sleet maybe mixing in. we could briefly get a liif it' enough in a couple spots, it could whiten the ground but not like what they're getting in new york. our news director drove up to new jersey tonight and said it was crazy, sideways snow, slippery roads. new york is getting that as well. in a few more hours i think this will be primarily gone for new york and new jersey
10:50 pm
overnight. it will linger into portions of new england into late tomorrow afternoon. closer to home it's mostly liquid, although i think some of this might be a little sleet in the brighter returns. indeed there could be a bit of moderate rain. nope how it's mostly from d.c. east. this dry air has made it real hard for any westward progression of this precipitation shield which is pretty much what we expected. bowie might get some sleet moving in, everything pivoting north to south with the outer band of the nor'easter. in a few more hours for us, i think it will be gone by morning. if there are clouds around in the morning, they'll break from west to east. we'll have a sunny but cool breezy day. temperature right now in gaithersburg 39, d.c. 43, annapolis 43. you've had steady light to moderate rain all day east of 95 for many of these areas with only a little snow mixed in. earlier today we had some weather advisories through northeastern maryland. those got dropped and the accumulation didn't really occur in a way that would be enough to cause traffic issues.
10:51 pm
34 pittsburgh, 30 bingham ton, 32 new york city, 33 boston, a terrible chill for these people who don't have power. there are 50,000 new outages tonight across new jersey and new york. you can see winds gusting to 25 miles an hour in most areas tonight. some of the higher totals you get here on the islands and they're near 40 to maybe 50 miles an hour as we look toward nantucket and cape cod where some of the strongest winds are. the nor'easter will pull out of the area tomorrow leafing new england last. overnight we'll have -- leaving new england last. overnight we'll have mostly clouds. we'll see the nor'easter exit foam and a pattern change beginning -- tomorrow and a pattern change beginning, not so much tomorrow, breezy, sunny and cool but a warm-up friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. let's check out futurecast. 10:00 tonight it has a nice
10:52 pm
handle on where the rain and snow is. as we watch this thing move out, we've got clouds at 7:00 in the morning, jersey and new york starting to clear out still affecting new england. it will eventually pull out. that means high pressure will take over for most of our friday. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we've still got a couple chilly days on there, only 52 tomorrow, feeling cooler with the wind. so prepare for a chill and also i would say friday nice and bright like tomorrow but only about 56 degrees and then we trend things up a bit. how about for our long veterans day within, mid-and upper 60s. could some places hit 70 sunday? yes, they could. that ought to be nice. next chance of showers after the few we have tonight will be tuesday. >> more on the nor'easter with sharon crowley in neptune, new jersey. we feel defeated for you there. how is everybody hanging in in your part of the country?
10:53 pm
>> reporter: well, i got to tell you people are really fed up. there's no other way to put it. so many people have been without power for about a week now and they cannot believe now they have snow. i'll take a step out of the shot so you can see just how much snow has been accumulating. here's the deal. it has been snowing several hours here, but so many of the people -- we're not too far from the jersey shore -- have lost power, been without power a week. they've been flooded. trees are down. you can't drive around. they're staying with relatives or in shelters, had to be evacuated and now it look like those who don't have power yet won't get it for a number of days. then, get this, some people who just got power back say a day or so ago, well, it looks like the utility companies are telling us tonight that some of those people, several thousand of those people, were knocked out again and it could be this weekend before they get power on again. i mean nobody can believe it. it's hurricane sandy turned
10:54 pm
superstorm sandy that hit our coastline doing so much damage here in new jersey and, of course, new york and connecticut and we are still trying to recover. in fact, i was telling some of the other people that i was talking with this evening that i was covering this storm and they were using snowplows to try to push the piles and piles of sand off of the road so they could finally let people get back to the barrier islands. now those same snowplows have to be used to remove the snow on the garden state parkway and the new jersey turnpike. >> we only have 10 seconds or so. are the shelters filling up? it's got to be a dangerous situation as well. >> reporter: yes. i didn't mention the schools, but some of the schools are being used as shelters. so people are using the shelters and some people are still refusing to evacuate. some of those low lying areas concerned about flooding and that's why they were asked to evacuate and some people, of course, staying with relatives and friends and a lot of people
10:55 pm
still do not have power, some 400,000 here in new jersey. >> sharon crowley, hang tough. we're thinking about you guys up there, life in neptune, new jersey. coming up next on the news edge a local mother tells us how one e-mail became a giant movement to help the victims of hurricane sandy.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
10:58 pm
in case you didn't know the grease episode of glee airs tomorrow night. two of glee's leading men talk with adam housley about what to expect. >> come direct a musical with me. >> reporter: this week glee goes back to the '50s taking on the timeless songs from the hit musical grease. the show stars are psyched even though they weren't even born when the movie came out. >> i remember it was one of the first times i remember seeing what the 1950s were like and i remember being convinced that they broke up the songs in
10:59 pm
1950s because of grease. >> totally. it's so well done. it still stands alone and holds its own even to this day. >> well, well, well, if it isn't mckinley high's very own tina stomach turner and her trusty sidekick. >> reporter: a new drop of students at mckinley high have brought some fresh faces and season four has expanded to include several bicoastal story lines. >> i think the continental divide is great. it allows the show to focus on two very different flavors of glee and focus on the shiny bright lights of new york, but also the high school element that we know from the show. >> i remember when i realized i was different. >> reporter: chris cofer is writing and starring in the upcoming indy feature struck by lightning. will he ever write a future glee episode? >> i don't know if i'd ever feel comfortable about that. i've always been a passenger on this big glee bus and i don't know if i would ever want to try to steer it in a direction

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